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Have you been enchanted by Roatan island? Would you like to acquire a new house, invest in the development, or change your residence permanently? If you answered yes to at least oneof the points, this is the right place for you. We will be pleased to give you the professional advice, help with buying or renting a property, permanent residence, as wel as arranging propertyinsuran ce, selecting a local building company, and arranging  the building permission.


Marek Vaňura is the entrepreneur who founded the project Reality Roatan. He comes from the Czech Republic, namely from a small town called Staré Splavy near Máchovo jezero. He has done a lot of sports since he was young, primarily sailing. He also became a representative of the Czech national sailing team. Thanks to that fact, he discovered the power of travelling. His love for the sport led him to the ocean for the very first time.
After finishing his high school studies, Marek graduated from university, and then he started to work. After a while, he considered that the chosen employment was not ideal. After half a year, he changed from his monotone employment in one corporation company to call for travelling. Marek, in the compamy of his girlfriend travelled to the Dominican Republic, where he also completed the scuba diving course. After this personal and work success, he finally got the license. He has worked as a scuba diving instructor for the following years and travelled throughout the world including Thailand, Greece, Mexico, and Malaysia. His love for the scuba diving brought him to the Roatan island.

After five years of intensive travelling to each destinations, he excitedly accepted an exclusive offer to lead a scuba diving school. He had no idea of becoming this magical island his new home. Now he has been living on the island since 2012. He fell in love with the island at first sight.

During the time Marek spent his time on Roatan island, he was active as a general director of the local resort. Thanks to this fact, he gained lots of important contacts, and lots of visitors and started to inquire about information regarding buying a property on the island, securing residency, and other related issues. Because of those experiences, Marek caught the potential and started running a business in real estate on the island.



The Roatan island is located in the south-east Caribbean, and it is capital of the Bay Islands archipelago. The Bay Islands are made up of some other islands such as Utila or Guanaja. The one exciting historical issue is that the Bay Islands were discovered by Chris Columbus when he went for his fourth expedition in 1502. In 1643 the British gained supremacy around the island and till 1860 remained as their royal colonies. Islas de la Bahía Department was officially founded in 1872.

However, the echoes and influence of British rule and policy are still strongly evident.  In fact, 95 % of the inhabitants speak English, even though Honduras is a Hispanic country. Despite that, you can debate in English and Spanish. You can also pay in Honduran lempiras and US dollars. Also, a large part of the population is Roman Catholic.
The Roatan island is less than 60 km long and 5 km wide in avarage. In the narrowest point, it takes only 2 km and in the widest point almost 8 km. The total land area of the Roatan island is 83km2 with 75 000 residents approximately, however, the number of the residents is still growing. The most populated city is the Coxen Hole with the international airport. Another prominent city is the French harbour, Oak Ridge or West End.


Considering incredible fauna, the island is ideal for visiting every season. That is caused by an underground lake providing the isle with water. There are also a perfect climate and regular rainfall. The rain period takes only from November to mid-January, but we still talk about occasional intense rainfall with no potential natural impact. The primary touristic season is represented from December to June. It is necessary to say,  the temperature on the island is constant and it reaches from
24 °C–32 °C; the average temperature on the island is about 28 °C. Thanks to the island's location, which is bordered by mountains on the coast, the island is out of the way of solid hurricanes, unlike the rest of the archipelago. It makes the Roatan island one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

The island visitors will find there not only neverending beaches but also a clear ocean. Those are the ideal conditions for the fans of diving who are interested in the undersea rich fauna and rich coral reef. The local coral reef is a part of the Mesoamerican coral reef, the second largest coral reef in the world. Roatan island also offers memorable experiences like swimming with the dolphins, feeding the sharks, or providing a background in a small zoo. The Caribbean rum, cigars of excellent quality and flavor, and local delicates are part of the Roatan heritage. Besides this, you can come here to enjoy the Garifuna dance in Punta Gorda, which are favorite by tourists.



Roatan Island is an ideal place for buying a real estate not only because of its authentic nature but also for its inspirative location. The island is currently in the top ranks in the valuation of investments, specifically in the reality estate field. The land prices are constantly moving by 11% p.a. That is why  there is a huge international developers´demand to invest. Throughout the years, Roatan island has become one of the most popular destinations for luxury sails. In the past three years, more than one million passengers on cruise ships and almost a million clients of the airlines have visited the island. The island is mainly visited by the inhabitants living in Canada, the USA, and Europe, which has a favorable influence on the real estate market.

If you decide to invest on Roatan island concerning buying a house, land, or renting the object, we are here for you to arrange the full necessary service. We will be by your side, from choosing a house or land, to choosing a suitable local construction company. We will help you manage all required documentation and law services, and we will also manage all permissions and office dealing. We will be pleased to lead you via all necessary processes if you decide for the permanent residence.



Marka Vaňuru jsme poznali hned při první návštěvě ostrova Roatán, hned jak jsme navštívili restauraci v Marble Hill Farm, začal se nám věnovat. Za malou cenu nám nabídl krásný výlet na Pigeon Cays, kde se o nás perfektně postaral. Super chlap. 

Marek Vaňura, ne jenom, že nám pomohl se stavbou domu na Roatánu, ale plně se nám věnoval při vybiraní
a nákupu interiéru, a se zajištěním nákupu. Jeho pomoc byla pro nás neocenitelná.



Mára Vaňura? Jedním slovem úžasný! Stavěl jsem dům v České vesnici a mohu říct, že bez jeho pomoci bych byl ztracen. Má naprostou znalost místního trhu, není snad více kompetetni člověk na Roatanu. Pomohl mi dostavět a dovést muj dům k “dokonalosti”. Díky nemu jsem našel nejlepší výrobce nábytku na ostrově, sehnal mi na mistní poměry “nesehnatelné” věci, svou zodpovědností šel příkladem všem na stavbě. Nebál se “vzít věci do svých rukou”.

Mohl bych o Markovi mluvit dny a jenom
v superlativech... Jednoduše řečeno: bez jeho pomoci by mě stavba mého domu stála minimálně o 15% vic a nikdy bych ho neměl v tak dokonalem stavu jak ho mam. Spolehnout se na Marka v čemkoliv je naprosto logické, pokud člověk přemýšlí, že se někdy zapojí do “projektu Roatan” ať se jedná o jakoukoliv činnost/věc...



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